How it works

How it Works: 

For any tutoring to be successfully delivered, the child must be able to associate with and relate to his/her teacher. Random teachers, teaching Random subjects at Random times negates the whole concept of a teacher-student relationship.

At Grades Unlimited, we understand that it’s the teacher that needs to adapt to the child and not the other way around.

While largely following your child’s school/state/education department’s curriculum, our teachers would introduce methods and tricks that are proven to work (specially in Mathematics)


Your child will: 

  • Have his/her tutoring session scheduled at a fixed time, every time……research proves that children need time-disciplined teaching.
  • Have the same teacher teach the same subject each time……your child doesn’t have to deal with the stress of a random new face for each session.
  • The teacher will teach from our state-of-the-art education center……not from their bedrooms.


The Process: 

  • Your child’s education level will be assessed upon signing-up
  • The starting level of your child’s tutoring would be based on the result of the assessment
  • Each tutoring session will be of 1 hour duration with a combination of white board, voice and video used as medium.
  • Regular assessments would be available for the parents to monitor the child’s progress
  • Optional flexible sessions would be available for homework help for the child.


What you would need: 

  • Computer with a webcam and a headset. (Microphone and earphone combo)
  • One short session between the parent and our tech-support to set up the child’s system