About Us

The idea behind Grades Unlimited “Quality On-line tutoring” was conceived by a parent just like you:


  • By a parent who saw that his child was not getting enough exposure to quality education;
  • By a parent who felt that his child’s mind was not being challenged enough by his/her teachers in school, by the curriculum, by the educational system as a whole;
  • By a parent who helplessly saw his child struggle with homework and didn’t know where to seek help;
  • By a parent who realized the full potential of his child and knew that with the right help, his child was capable of excelling in school;
  • By a parent who got tired of driving his child to multiple education centers around town and getting meager results in return;
  • By a parent who dreamed the dream of an A+ Report Card for his child;


The concept was followed by many hours on the drawing board, numerous consultations with an Educational Psychologist, School Principals, Teachers and many Parents just like you….and Grades Unlimited “Quality On-line Tutoring” was born.


Headquartered in USA with offices in Singapore and India, Grades Unlimited has both the infrastructure as well as financial standing that are quintessential towards the success of any company that has long term goals.


Our State of the Art Educational Center in India is geared towards delivering “Quality On-line Tutoring.” to students across the globe.